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Future Plan

  • Setting up Crèche centers in Bankura district
  • Setting up of special school for Handicapped/Disabled children at Badulara village in Bankura-1 Block.
  • To accelerate the awareness programmes with special emphasis on AIDS.
  • Education & Health care and Environmental pollution.
  • Seminar on atrocities on Tribal women.
  • Ambulance service.
  • Organization of Tribal culture Fair for promotion and dissemination of Tribal art and culture.
  • Setting up one charitable dispensary at Bankura-1 block in the district Bankura.
  • To work for the prevention of child abuse
  • Elimination of poverty through continuous vocational Training and participation in I.G.P Formation of S.H.G. & Mahila Mondals and linking their activities towards  eradication of poverty will be continued as usual.
  • Foster all activities towards development of women, help the destitute women and poorest of the poor section of the people irrespective of caste creed and religion.
  • Vocational Training & Community Based Rehabilitation of disabled/orphan. Take measures for women empowerment to fight – out all social evils and discrimination.
  • Integrated Education for the Disabled Children – I.E.D.
  • Establishment of FCC centre.
  • Improvement of infrastructure facilities through research & development