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Who We Are.

The organization has been formed by a group young people of Badulara & nearby villages motivated for the development of the rural people of Bankura district. After organizing several meeting the organization has been formed DEESHARI SOCIETY. Then it has been sent for registration. Finally the organization has been registered as ‘Badulara Deeshari Society’ under Society registration Act, Govt. of West Bengal in the year 2004-2005.

After registration of the society, we have started few activities with our own effort, i.e. Health Awareness Camp, Plantation, Support to poor families for Daughters marriage, Women SHG Promotion etc. Later several programs has been initiated supported by D.R.D.C., NABARD & Bankura-I Block. This is in brief about the organization.


To visualize a developed and egalitarian society irrespective of caste, creed, sex & religion.


To proceed with the work for social and community development with emphasis on health, education and economic development of the poorer and defrosted community along with women and children.

Primary Objective of the Organization

  • To undertake all such programme as will be beneficial to the society and the mankind.
  • To undertake programme for development of the poorer community and eradicate poverty from the society through income generation and activities for economic sustainability.
  • To promote programme for developing health conditions of rural people in the tribal villages and in the remote backward communities for empowerment of their own leadership.
  • To promote education development programmes and eradicates illiteracy from the Society.
  • To undertake programe for providing basic needs to the rural people and to create awareness thereof among the people.
  • To promote various income generation programme.
  • To promote women self-help-group in the rural areas.                         
  • To understand all round development initiatives for women group of most backward communities for empowerment of their own leadership
  • To eradicate child labour system
  • To conduct vocational training classes for job orientation and skill development among the unemployed group of people and the artisan groups to ensure economic development
  • To rehabilitate handicapped persons
  • To establish, start, maintain or manage residential homes for providing board, residence and care of aged, helpless, indigent persons, distressed women and children, working women etc.
  • To undertake programme for elimination of environment pollution.
  • To promote National Integration and Communal Harmony.
  • To undertake programe for providing basic needs to the rural people and to create awareness thereof among the people.
  • To initiate and undertake various programs for the welfare of the mother and the child
  • The Society will organize various programs for the vocational, income generating and skill development training for the rural youth
  • To organize and implement various programs for the improvement of health and children
  • The Society will implement programs on environmental awareness, social and agro forestry, agro industry as well as conservation of ecology
  • To organize and implement all activities relevant to integrated rural community development

Target Area

Our reach through direct intervention: – 

Bankura, Purulia & Jhargram district


Our reach through district partners at : –

Mursidabad , Paschim Bardhaman & Paschim Midnapur

Major Issues

  • Unreached from basic amenities.
  • Environmental Hazard
  • Fear of Eviction.
  • Improper Infrastructural Facilities
  • Democratic Governance in stake.
  • Inaccessibility of Governmental Social Security Schemes.
  • Gender Insensitivity and prevalence of violence against women and children.
  • Inadequate information and awareness among the community members.


  • People of weaker section particularly the fasting and neglected people especially tribal.
  • Women & children living below the poverty line.
  • Crafts persons engaged in different traditional trades.
  • People of S.C./ S.T/ O.B.C./ Minority
  • PWDs (Persons with Disablities)